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What is Harbingers’ Magazine?

This global media project is an online current affairs magazine written and edited by teenagers from different parts of the world and diverse walks of life. Put simply, Harbingers’ is run by young people for young people — under professional mentorship.

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Put simply, Harbingers’ is run by young people for young people − under professional mentorship from experienced journalists.


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Sofiya Tkachenko former Editor-in-chief Kyiv, Ukraine | Vienna, Austria

Born in 2006, Sofiya is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, but now, because of the war, she has relocated to Vienna, Austria. She is interested in writing about culture and politics, especially the current situation in Ukraine and the world as a whole, but is planning on studying Biology in Vienna next year. 

Sofiya joined Harbingers’ Magazine as a contributor in the spring of 2022. A few months later, she took on the role of the social media and the Harbingers’ Weekly Brief newsletter editor. After half a year, her devotion and hard work promoted her to the position of editor-in-chief of the magazine – in September 2023, she took the helm from Sofia Radysh, who stepped down having completed her one-year term.

In her spare time, Sofiya organises charity poetry events and is working on multiple projects regarding the promotion of Ukrainian culture in Europe.

She speaks Ukrainian, English, Russian, and a bit of German.


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