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In this competition, you are a writer / photographer / multimedia creator contributing to Harbingers’ Magazine, an outlet created by teenagers for teenagers.
Your goal is to tell a story that matters to the magazine’s young global audience.

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Harbingers’ Weekly Brief

What is Harbingers’ Magazine?

This global media project is an online current affairs magazine written and edited by teenagers from different parts of the world and diverse walks of life. Put simply, Harbingers’ is run by young people for young people — under professional mentorship.

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Put simply, Harbingers’ is run by young people for young people − under professional mentorship from experienced journalists.


Featured author

Sophie Elliott Culture Section Editor Miami, United States

Born in 2005 in Sarasota, Florida, Sophie studies in the United States. She is interested in culture and politics, and covers these subjects for Harbingers’ Magazine. She also writes for a school newspaper, Record and Review.

In 2022, Sophie assumed the role of the Culture Section editor.

Outside of the academic path, Sophie is a competitive musician. She speaks English, Hungarian, and Mandarin.

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