November 24, 2023

Motivation is helping me face daily obstacles and it can help you too

Swita in Afghanistan

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Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

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Girls like me need all the motivation they can get to stay focused and overcome hardship.

I’m 16 and I’m unable to get a proper education in my home country of Afghanistan. But I will not let those limitations determine my future.

Afghanistan’s political system driven by the Taliban does not provide the same opportunities for girls and boys. Its current regime bans girls from attending school, which for girls like me, makes life very difficult.

Outside, women are not comfortable and they are not safe, which forces them to spend most of their time at home. I am upset about the difference in opportunities due to the restrictions in force.

I consider boys to be so lucky and happy because, unlike girls, they are able to go to school, university, and pursue their interests.

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  • Picture by: DepositPhotos

    Picture: DepositPhotos

  • Motivation plays a crucial role in influencing our behaviour, performance and overall success in different areas of life. It gives us courage and inspiration to pursue our goals in work, education, and relationships.

    I hope to encourage girls in a similar situation to me to stay positive and motivated.

    Some examples of where you can find motivation is from reading books and biographies of famous people, teaching, painting, crafting, tailoring, and inspirational videos.

    My sources of motivation are my teachers at LEARN, friends, books and most importantly my family. They always support and encourage me.

    I also enjoy watching motivational videos. For example, the speeches of Muniba Mazari, an activist who shares valuable life lessons on platforms such as Youtube.

    While I cannot access formal education due to the bans, through LEARN, which provides educational opportunities for girls, I am able to get informal access.

    Their efforts motivate and inspire me to believe that one day girls like me will be able to graduate with an official transcript.

    Motivation is truly one of the most valuable things in our lives.

    There are various ways of receiving motivation and inspiration. Each person has their own source. When we have motivation, it fuels our desire to create and come up with new ideas. It is in this way that we can gain new experiences.

    Motivation gives us the energy and focus to overcome obstacles and work towards our objectives.

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    OXSFJ & LEARN Afghan Project

    Illustrated by Yuliia Muliar

    16 year-old Swita is a passionate journalism student learning under the partnership of The Oxford School for the Future of Journalism and LEARN Afghan with aims to pursue a future career within the field while motivating other girls towards their dreams.

    She is very interested in literature, often reading biographies and motivational books. She also enjoys listening to and reading poetry.

    Swita speaks Dari and English.

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    Sofiya Suleimenova

    former International Affairs Section Editor

    Geneva, Switzerland

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