Harbinger Fellow

The Harbinger Fellow programme will see alumni from the Oxford School for the Future of Journalism (OXSFJ) and Harbingers’ Magazine mentor and deliver introductory journalism workshops to a small group of young people/ pre-entry level students, aged 12–13 years old. The alumni, ‘Harbinger Fellows’, will be supported by journalism instructor Sarah Hussain.

The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity for younger people to learn, join and contribute to Harbingers’, and to develop a simpler introduction to journalism that is accessible and interesting for them. While also allowing alumni the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice and to support their younger peers along the way.

Launching in Autumn 2024, former editor-in-chief of Harbingers’, Sofiya Tkachenko, will be the first Harbinger Fellow to kickstart the programme. Starting in Ukraine, Sofiya will mentor three to four young people (aged 12-13), walking them through basic journalism writing and photography, to help them write stories that matter to a younger audience.

Following mentorship, these students will earn the title of ‘Harbingerettes’ and will be able to contribute to Harbingers’. If the trial is successful, a team of Harbinger Fellows will help grow the project in different locations and oversee a specific group of Harbingerettes.