June 6, 2024

Gen Z has mixed reactions to the 2024 Met Gala

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the venue of the Met Gala.

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Gen Z has mixed feelings and opinions about the 2024 Met Gala, a celebration that brings together the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and art, but they unanimously agree it is a “significant” event they “can’t ignore”.

The Met Gala is always heldon the first Monday in May, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The charity event marks the grand opening of a fashion exhibition at the museum’s Costume Institute and is known for its exclusive guest list, featuring many celebrities dressed in extraordinary custom looks by the world’s most famous designers.

A new theme arises each year, inspiring designers to create the most avant-garde outfits. This year, on May 6, the Met Gala celebrated the exhibition, Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion and the official dress code was ‘The Garden of Time’, which was interpreted in various ways.

“I always stay up at night to watch the gala and see all the outfits,” Maria Zimny, a 17 year-old student from Krakow, Poland, told Harbingers’ Magazine. Her friend, Wiktoria Skiba, 16, also looks forward to the event but only chooses to watch the start before  “discussing and critiquing” the looks with her friends at breakfast the next day.

On the other hand, Dagmara Chrobak, 17, from Amsterdam, is not a fan of the Met Gala. “It mostly showcases very rich people” she said, noting that the extravagant outfits have little relevance for ordinary Gen Z students. However, Chrobak acknowledged that it “definitely provides some nice fresh looks”.

Some believe that the Gen Z attendees adhered well to this year’s theme, and youthful watchers appreciated many of the looks, particularly their efforts to incorporate the theme and a meaningful message through fashion and various textiles.

Standouts include Tyla, a South American pop star attending the gala for the first time, who wore ‘a custom Balmain creation of sand and microcrystals’ referencing the sands of time. According to Gen Z representatives, the unique interpretation of the theme made her outfit “unforgettable”.

Another young celebrity who was appreciated for her outstanding look was the American actress and singer Zendaya, who appeared in two costumes. The first included leaf and fruit adornments to illustrate different life phases, designed by Maison Margiela/John Galliano. The second featured a dramatic floor-length black dress with a long train (vintage Givenchy) and a colourful rose bouquet headpiece (Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen).

Doja Cat’s outfit, designed by Oscar de la Renta, was praised for its simplicity, with the US singer wearing a plain white cotton T-shirt gown to signify the “timeless” importance of the cotton flower.

However, others feel that celebrities and designers “need to take a step back and rethink what the clothing pieces should show and represent”. Chrobak argues that it’s necessary to convey a stronger message for a cause, especially given this event’s global recognition.

On top of this, harsh critiques of the event circulated widely on social media. One Gen Z user remarked: “These rich people are not making being rich look fun anymore. Where’s the glamour?” Another argued that celebrities “have all the money in the world” but still fail miserably at red carpet events.

Maya Gromotke, a 17 year-old student from Frankfurt, Germany, believes that the rude and harsh comments are “unnecessary”. Even through the Met is “supposed to be a positive atmosphere” Gromotke can’t help but associate the event with the harsh criticism it receives.

Ultimately, the Met Gala evokes different emotions among Gen Z, yet it remains an anticipated event each year and a chance to represent the fashion and culture of the upcoming year.

Written by:


Klaudia Bacza


Krakow, Poland | London, United Kingdom

Born in 2007 in Krakow, Poland, Klaudia now studies in London where she is interested in history, English, French, and art design. In the future, she plans to study law in the United States.

In her free time, Klaudia plays tennis and basketball and enjoys painting, travelling, and running.

She speaks Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, and is learning French.

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Christian Yeung

Society editor

Hong Kong | United States


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