December 22, 2023

Why is Spotify Wrapped such a buzz?

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Generation Z has a strong affinity for Spotify Wrapped – a tailored compilation of user statistics for the year, including top artists and total listening minutes – as it reflects their “musical journey” throughout the year and all the places they have been to mentally.

Spotify users can see their listening habits, including favourite genres, for nearly a year with Wrapped. The annual viral marketing campaign has taken place in December since 2016, and encourages users to share their results on social media.

“Wrapped helped me to understand my listening habits and how I tend to focus on a single band or genre at one time,” 17 year-old Piotr Kurpeta from Warsaw told Harbingers’ Magazine.

Piotr Kurpeta was surprised at the actual time he spent listening to music (around 274.5 hours) on Spotify in 2023, as he expected it to be higher.

This enthusiasm for Spotify Wrapped has the potential to inspire other teenagers too. “I wasn’t really interested in Spotify Wrapped but when it came out and I saw all my friends post their results on Instagram, I was kind of excited to see mine too,” said Paulina Pichór, 17.

Sharing the results with friends can be half the fun of this concept as a lot of teenagers enjoy talking about music. However, Paulina Pichór believes that Spotify Wrapped songs are “personal” and she prefers only to share them with her closest friends.

For Piotr Kurpeta, Spotify Wrapped helps to compare his musical taste over the years and for Paulina Pichór, it’s a “valuable experience.”

“This campaign is summarising all the episodes you’ve had throughout the year – the heartbreaks, the peaks, etc. It’s amazing to just look back at that journey,” said 16 year-old Zuzanna Kleszczewska.

Despite being around for several years, Wrapped is always exciting to young people because every time it has a twist to it.

“I loved that they added some special features, like your musical personality,” said Zuzanna Kleszczewska.

Spotify users are given a musical personality based on their annual recap. This year, they have the opportunity to be assigned one of 12 distinct personalities, revealing their musical preferences. There is also a tradition for artists to record short videos, thanking their top fans for choosing to listen to their music.

17 year-old Wiktoria Trochimiuk enjoys this habit: “I always feel appreciated and it’s made me want to listen to their music more.” And for Zuzanna Kleszczewska, these messages are her “favourite part of the Wrapped.” Expressing how “it’s a great initiative for artists to appreciate their fans with such honesty.”

This year, Taylor Swift, an American singer and songwriter, topped the charts of Spotify Wrapped as the most-streamed artist, followed by Bad Bunny and The Weeknd.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus was the most-streamed song on Spotify, played over 1.6 billion times, among other popular hits, such as Kill Bill by SZA and As It Was by Harry Styles.

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Maria Mitko

Women’s Desk editor

Warsaw, Poland

Born in 2007, Maria lives in Warsaw, Poland, where she attends Witkacy High School and prepares to study English Literature.

She volunteers at a public library where she organises a board game club. She loves listening to music, reading good books and watching movies. Maria’s favourite animals are dogs, of which she has two – Rudolf and Charlie.’

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Megan Lee

Culture Section Editor

Hong Kong | United Kingdom


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