Siri Atluri


California, Unites States

Siri Atluri

  • Contributor
  • California, Unites States

Born in 2006 and raised in Michigan, United States, Siri (yes, like the iPhone!) now resides in the Sacramento area of California. She began writing for The Octagon in 2022 and will serve as their Director of Technology and Feature Editor for the 2023–2024 school year.

Siri’s interests in reporting include human and social rights issues, culture, media, and profiles. Her main writing passions however lie in creative writing, where she enjoys poetry and creative non-fiction, many times centering on themes of South-Asian identity.

She currently serves as an editor for The Glass Knife literary magazine and speaks English and Telugu. In her free time, Siri enjoys jewelry-making, cooking, movies, and watching way too many Youtube videos.